About Us

Who is Cabinet Makeovers?

We originated in 1979 in Williamson County, Tennessee to fulfill an untapped market: giving existing cabinets new life without having to replace them. With a background in custom painting, texture finishing and European design, our founder Dan Zimmerle merged his expertise to transform kitchens into works of craftsmanship, and Cabinet Makeovers was born.

What started as a painting business grew into a complete custom cabinet company as we sought to meet our clients’ desires to customize their spaces and build their dream homes. In addition to our refinishing arm, we selectively curated a highly qualified team of carpenters and expanded our craft. The products, materials, and processes that we use set our finishes and cabinetry apart from any that we encounter.

What sets Cabinet Makeovers apart?

Most painters who paint cabinets, brush and roll. The cabinet is immediately lowered in value, as is your home. Painters with the knowledge of spraying are mostly one dimensional in their talent. The finished product is a plain colored kitchen. The value is not lowered, but it is not enhanced. You end up with equal value for your dollar. Cabinet Makeovers is unique. From high quality spraying techniques, highest quality products, and unparalleled finishes, Cabinet Makeovers turns plain cabinets into works of art that you see in high end showcase homes. The beauty is, we do it for a fraction of the cost of our competition.